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25 Beautiful Homes – A Dream Come True

Some of you will be aware that I was a contestant on BBC 2’s Great Interior Design Challenge in January this year, appearing on the show has opened many doors, not least having our home featured in July’s Issue of 25 Beautiful Homes.

The morning after the show aired I received a call from the charming Heather Dixon of Feature Services, Heather works alongside husband Dave, together they run Feature Services, one of the country’s leading contributors of home-related features to the UK’s most popular home and interior magazines.  Heather enquired as to whether any of the show had been recorded in our home, which it had.  After a short conversation we agreed that Heather would visit to undertake a reckie and take a few photos, which she could then approach some of the popular interior magazines with.  We agreed that 25 Beautiful Homes would be a great fit and our magazine of choice.  Heather approached 25BH first and we were both thrilled that they came straight back to say they would love to feature our home.  I’ve long been an interior magazine addict so I can’t tell you how excited I was that our home would be featured in such a popular publication.

Not long after the day of the shoot arrived, needless to say during the days running up to the shoot I cleaned in places I didn’t know needed cleaning, the place was spotless and god help anyone who put a mug, towel or cushion out of place the day before.  Fresh flowers and fruit were in abundance, the dog banished to my parents and a fresh cake baked by my super Mum.  Heather and Dave arrived with all of their equipment and to my surprise, props, lots of props, there were faux flowers, faux fruit, throws, cushions, it was like a concession of Homesense.  As well as planning how the house would look I’d also planned how I would look, I’d been mortified when briefed previously that I would be photographed too, I was dreading the awkwardness and have always thought that the posed shots that you see of homeowners always look just that, posed!  I carried on regardless and scheduled a blow dry and planned my outfit, sadly on the day my favourite Bella Freud sweater and jeans (both black, read “flattering”), didn’t make the cut, we were scheduled to be featured in the summer, so my dark outfit choice just didn’t fit the bill.  So mid shoot I had to change into a light top and trousers (just not cricket!).

Heather set up some stunning shots for Dave to photograph and Heather and I had a lovely relaxed chat about all things interiors over lunch, discussing my inspiration, favourite rooms, decorating mistakes etc.

Overall I can’t recommend the experience enough, I had a really lovely day with Heather and Dave, my house had never been so clean and I got to see our home featured in one of the countries most popular interior magazines.  I would urge anyone who is approached to go for it.  Since first writing this post our house went on the market and sold within 4 weeks, we really struggled to find a property that inspired us, with the exception of a barn conversion mews in the country, it couldn’t be more different from what we currently have but I can’t wait to embrace country life and all the challenges that will come from this full on renovation project, watch this space.

When I look back now it really was serendipity that lead to us being featured in 25 Beautiful Homes and what better way to be able to look back on all that we have achieved in the 10 years we’ve lived in our 1930s property.



Master Bedroom


Dining room

Daughter’s Room with B&Q faux brick wallpaper

Den featuring a wall of Cole & Son’s Fornasetti wallpaper

Kitchen with Cult Furniture tolix style chairs

Landing featuring Cole & Son Vivienne Westwood wallpaper

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